The vineyard

2 wines are to discovered:

* Montagny: Grand vin blanc de Bourgogne



Union des producteurs de MontagnyMontagny: 350 hectares (nearly 865 acres) of excellence

For centuries Montagny was a virtual secret, appreciated only by a elite handful of aware connoisseurs, whereas today Montagny offers the elegance and freshness of Grand Bourgogne Blanc to an over increasing number of wine lovers.

The time of monks

Within the Seigneur vineyards, monks belonging to the illustrious neighbouring abbeys of Cluny, Tournus, La Ferté and the canons of Chalon soon discovered the virtues in white wines born of the Montagny hillsides. A treasure which they helped to exploit as far back at the Middle Ages, as attested to by many carefully preserved documents.

AOC since 1936

As an additional proof of quality, Montagny was one of the first Burgundy wines to gain the noble title of Apellation d'Origine Contrôlée (official origin and quality guarantee) by INAO in 1936. Today, in respecting the great Burgundian traditions but whithout neglecting contributions made by oenological science, the Producers Union of Grands Vins Blancs de Montagny, which unites all growers, is working to further the appreciation of Montagny.

Bouteille Montagny

Montagny and the gourmet

Montagny served cool, is enjoyed as an aperitif in all its richness, together with a plateof charcuterie, as a great gourmet moment. It is the perfect accompaniment for a white meats. Nevertheless it is whithout doubt best served with fish and shellfish, specially local river fish, from sauteed bleak to large carp, succulent perch to noble pike.

4 vineyard villages

Buxy, Montagny-les-Buxy, Jully-les-Buxy ans Saint-vallerin: it is here, in our authentic little Burgundy villages, in deeply undulating terrain, that Montagny is born. Under the jealousy guarded care of a hundred dynamic and meticulous viticulteurs, the Chardonnay vines are persuaded to offer up their best to the unfathomable skills of private cellars or cooperatives.

Carte Montagny

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Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise

The other wine of the Buxy area:

Red (Pinot Noir): this wine has a clean, straightforward colour (purple or bright ruby) sometimes tending towards dark garnet-red. 

Small red (strawberry, gooseberry) and black (blackcurrant, blueberry) fruit aromas come well to the fore, with occasional hints of cherry and kernel, and sometimes animal and mushroom notes. It is mouth-filling,firm in texture, and can be a touch austere in early youth. 

It has no lack of oomph, however, and its roundness overcomes any jagged edges – its acidity and tannins work well together. A tiny amount of rosé/clairet is produced, also from the Pinot Noir grape.

White (Chardonnay): it boasts a clear complexion with grey-gold highlights. Its aromas are redolent of white flowers (hawthorn, honeysuckle), dried fruits over notes of lemon and sometimes anise, with a suggestion of warm croissants and honey.

In the mouth it is fleshy, well turned-out and thoroughly sure of itself. It has a lively, no-nonsense attack with just the right amount of delicacy.

To know more:

Bourgogne wine website

The Winemaker Museum - Buxy

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We invite you to visit an exhibit that pays homage to the courage and skills of the area’s wine producers. Thanks to the numerous donations of bottles, tools, documents, and more, our museum allows you to step inside a full year in the life of a winemaker. Take a beautiful journey into the past, observe their way of life and their secrets of raising wine production to an art form.

Free guided tours available, but by appointment only. Inquire at the Buxy Tourist Office. 


The Region of Gastronomy

The entire province of Burgundy is renowned for delicious gourmet treats such as goat cheese, Charolais beef, escargot, frog’s legs and honey, but the list goes on!

Taste and explore all of the regional flavors in the charming restaurants of our southern Chalon communities.

               Cheese Farming:

Fromages de chèvreThe department of Saône-et-Loire is highly regarded for the cheese of Charolais and Macon which are both in the process of obtaining the prestigious status of “Appellation d’Origine Controlee” for manufacturing cow and goat milk cheeses.

The Charollais cheese is recognizable by its high, slightly bulging barrel shape and white, creamy interior with a cream or blue-mottled exterior.

Meanwhile, the Maconnais cheese is cream or ivory in color, with a smooth texture and a savory palette.

Feel free to stop and speak directly with the cheese producers themselves. Some of them will ask you in to taste and enjoy their cheeses.

Did you know? The Saône-t-Loire is the first department in France to produce cheese.

               Charolais Beef:

Charolais cowsAs you make your way around the Saône-et-Loire, you are certain to encounter the emblematic animals of the region: Charolais cows.

Their immaculate coats, and massive, powerful look make them the pride of Burgundy. Charolais beef is characterized as tender, delicate, mature and aromatic with a marbling sought after and appreciated by gourmets. Reared in accordance with strict standards, Charolais beef is of the highest quality.