Bissy-sur-Fley, Pontus de Tyard's castle

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Situated 10 kms from Buxy and rising to an altitude of 400m, Bissy-sur-Fley is located at the limit of the vineyards of the Côte Chalonnaise and the beginning of the pastures of the Charolais region.

The village is particularly appreciated for its tranquility. Cadoles (round stone huts) and murgers (dry stone walls) mark the landscape and are testimony to the past of this old wine producing village.

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The dwellings are composed of typical Burgundian houses, well-grouped around the Romanesque church (11th and 12th century) and the castle, the birthplace of Pontus de Tyard in 1521 (poet, astronomer, bishop, State Councilor).

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A gem of medieval architecture, the castle has been restored and protected by the association “Rebirth of the Castle of Pontus de Tyard”.


The main square is open to the public all year long, and the vineyards and orchards around the castle (planted by the Association) are also accessible.


To visit the inside the castle :Château de Bissythe volunteers of the association open the doors of the castle Sundays afternoons in July and August.


The remainder of the year, the courtyard, the vineyards and the orchards are accessible.


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For the groups: guided visits propose by the association Renaissance du Château Pontus de Tyard

Information and booking:
Association Renaissance du Château Pontus de Tyard
M. Claude JOUVE
Tel: +33 (0)

Events in the castle in 2014:
* Printemps des Poètes (Spring of the poets) : Sunday, March 16th:
* Marché du Curieux (Curiosity market) : 17- May 18th:
* Les Journées Pontus de Tyard (Seminar around the vines) : 15- June 16th
* Festival "Bissy sous les Etoiles" (music under the stars) : 26- July 27th-28th

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Crédit photo: association Renaissance du Château Pontus de Tyard

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